The training and expertise exchange is an important dimension of the SciCoMove project. We will organize two 5-day-long training seminars to ensure that methodologies, approaches, and best practices are shared with the early career researchers taking part in the project. These seminars will be also open to students pursuing their master’s degrees and to museum professionals.  

The first training seminar will take place in Latin America and will be dedicated to archives and collections. Participants will explore the historical archive of La Plata Museum relying on the expertise of the team working on this archive. They will focus on fossil and entomological collections and related cross-cutting themes and on the prevailing issues for the curatorship and exhibition of these collections.

The second seminar will be organized in Le Mans and will focus on collecting practices and collectors. Drawing on the experience and expertise of the team gathered in the ANR AmateurS project, it will engage with related cross-cutting themes, including the issue of women in collections and amateur collecting practices. It will also explore provenance issues and relations with source communities.

The training will be provided jointly by the researchers and museum teams and will comprise practical workshops, collections visits, and working sessions in archives. The theme of each seminar is selected in relation to the cross-cutting reflections that define the project’s vision.