Scientific collections on the move: provincial museums, archives, and collecting practices (1800–1950)


The discussion of transatlantic science collecting practices and scientific exchanges is at the core of this blog. It aims to share new knowledge and discoveries on how historical knowledge is constructed and reproduced in museum collections.

The EU-funded project Scientific Collections on the Move: Provincial Museums, Archives, and Collecting Practices (1850–1950) offers a less hierarchical and more entangled history of palaeontological, anthropological, botanical, and applied sciences collections in Europe and Latin America and tackles the issue of museum objects provenance.

This blog is destined for scholars, museum professionals, teachers, students, and science amateurs and strives to forge a new vision of museum collections as living networks of knowledge exchange and circulation.

Latest posts

  • First SciCoMove secondments to La Plata (November-December 2021)
    Nathalie Richard (Le Mans University), and Silvano Montaldo (Lombroso Museum, University of Turin) are now in La Plata. Silvano Montaldo is working, with the help of the anthropology and Museum Archive […]
  • Sweating pots
    By Irina Podgorny, CONICET/Archivo Histórico del Museo de La Plata, Argentina This story begins in a warehouse of the FAMILLE Association, SOLIDARITÉ ET CULTURES located on the Boulevard de la Liberación […]
  • Circulation of algae in exsiccatae: James Lloyd’s collections
    By Louise Couëffé, University of Angers James Lloyd was an amateur botanist author of local floras in western France. He gathered an important herbarium from 1838 to 1895 and was in […]
  • New publications by the University of Bonn team
    Find the latest publications by our researchers from the University of Bonn: Hans Peter Hahn / Oliver Lueb / Katja Müller / Karoline Noack (Hg.), Digitalisierung ethnologischer Sammlungen. Perspektiven aus Theorie […]
  • Museos de provincia: historias a uno y otro lado del mar
    Por Irina Podgorny, CONICET/Archivo Histórico del Museo de La Plata, Argentina En 1896, el escritor y lexicógrafo Frédéric Mistral fomentaba, bajo su mecenazgo, la creación de una comisión para dotar a […]